Keeping your congregation together with a church bus rental that can properly accommodate the size of your group can have an overall positive impact on your next trip. Whether you need a charter bus for a mission trip, wedding, or spiritual retreat, Windstar Lines has rentals you can count on for groups of all sizes. When your church group sticks together for one trip, everyone can feel connected.

We understand that your church likely had to work hard on its fundraising in order to make the trip possible. That is why Windstar Lines proudly offers affordable rates while keeping everyone together. Instead of stuffing your congregation into undersized vans or uncomfortable school buses that will likely require multiple vehicles or trips, let Windstar Lines provide you with a proper charter bus rental.

Popular Church Bus Rental Uses

Because of our large fleet of buses and motorcoaches, Windstar Lines can provide transportation for just about any type of trip you can think of! Our buses and drivers are properly equipped to travel both near and far with groups of 20 or groups of 200. Some of the most popular uses for church bus rentals include the following:

  • Youth group trips
  • Weekend retreats
  • Local, regional, and national conferences
  • Worship concerts
  • Mission trips to other regions of the US and Canada
Windstar Lines has an increasing list of uses for church bus rentals that we would like to expand, so if you can think of another type of trip, contact us and we will help you make it happen!

Bus Rentals for Church Trips

Windstar Lines boasts a wide variety of buses and motorcoaches that can be ideal for church trips, no matter what your needs are. As you are planning your trip, thinking about some of the following will help us determine which of our rentals are best for your group:

  • Duration: Are you planning a day-trip to a concert or group outing? Are you planning a week or month-long mission trip to another part of the country?
  • Size: Is it just a small portion of the congregation attending or will you have a large group? Will multiple buses and multiple bus sizes be needed? How much luggage will everyone bring?
  • Budget: Are you looking to spend a little extra for amenities such as couches and Wi-Fi or will our standard comfortable seats be enough for your group?
We understand that planning a trip can be a daunting task. Windstar Lines provides more than just transportation – we are here to help you work through the many variables involved in trip planning to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Book My Church Bus Rental

If you are looking to book your church bus rental, or have questions about any of our services or buses, Contact Windstar Lines. Our associates are happy to provide you with a quote and give an accurate assessment of which type of bus can best accommodate your group.