A family reunion is a reason to celebrate! What better way to do that than to take it on the road with a family reunion bus rental? Transportation is part of the family reunion planning process. Whether you are taking a day trip, a 10-day trip to some national parks, or just driving by the homestead where your parents or grandparents grew up, traveling as a group is a great way to spend time together. Traveling as a group is a surefire way to create memories, share in experiences, and have stories to tell for years to come. We make getting there part of the fun!

Family Reunion Charter Buses and Motorcoaches

We offer luxury 21 Passenger Minicoaches all the way up to our 56 Passenger Motorcoaches. Our VIP coaches have also begun to gain some popularity for family reunion travelers. All of our buses are equipped with a wide array of amenities. View our fleet to help decide which option will make the best family reunion charter bus for your occasion.

Family Reunion Bus Rental Services

Forget about renting a motorhome and having to figure out who is going to drive, along with the rest of the headaches that come with taking on that kind of responsibility. You don't have to remember directions, navigate, or hassle with parking. Just call Windstar! We’ll pick you up at your front door and the only thing you’ll have left to do is relax and experience the luxury of a Windstar motorcoach with the service of a professional Windstar driver!

Book My Family Reunion Bus Rental

When it comes to the comfort and safety of your family, trust the professionals at Windstar Lines. Getting a quote is as simple as contacting us any of the following ways: