At Windstar Lines, we thrive on treating all of our customers like VIPs, especially when it comes to entertainers and bands. We know that it is essential not only that you get from place to place safely, but also comfortably and in style. With such an extensive fleet available at locations all across the country, all of our entertainer coaches and band tour bus rentals are sure to impress. It doesn't matter if you're looking for something simple for your airport transportation or something higher end, we will provide you with all the amenities you need to travel comfortably for weeks on end.

VIP Bus Rental Features

Entertainers and bands spend much of their lives on the road. At Windstar Lines, we do too, which is why we have the first-hand experience of how to equip our buses with the best amenities for those looking to make themselves at home. Some of our most popular VIP bus rental features include the following:

  • Leather sofas
  • Extensive seating that can turn into bunks
  • Multiple flat screen TVs with satellite
  • Kitchenettes with fridges, microwaves, and dinettes
  • Under floor and over parcel storage
Figuring out which features you want and need can be overwhelming, so we encourage you to check out our fleet to decide. As always, contact us with any questions and we are glad to tell you more about the various conveniences we have to offer.

Entertainer & Band Bus Rental Services

Depending on the show, date, and location, we know that different tours require different bus rental services. At Windstar Lines, we don’t just want to be your transportation from Point A to Point B – although we will do that too. We also want to be there every step of the way to make sure your tour runs as smoothly as possible. Some of the most common services we provide to entertainers and bands include the following:

  • Airport transportation
  • Hotel shuttle
  • Overnight travel from any of our locations across the country
  • Excursion and day-trip transportation
Our entertainment experts can help you schedule your entire itinerary, making sure that all of your transportation needs are met. We can provide any number of the services above, along with just about anything else you can think of to make sure your tour is one to remember.

Book My Band Tour Bus Rental

If you already have many of the details ironed out and are ready for some pricing, the quickest way to get a quote is to contact us any of the following ways: