We Value Charter Bus Safety

At Windstar Lines, charter bus safety and reliability are paramount. We go to great lengths to ensure that every driver is trained to the highest possible standards. We want to make sure our fleet is modern, well-maintained, and meets or exceeds industry regulations.

Our Safety Culture

As this industry constantly changes and evolves, our team of Safety Directors, Operations Managers, and Maintenance Technicians work diligently, with ongoing efforts, to ensure our coaches perform exceptionally and that our drivers dedicate themselves to industry-leading safety.

Windstar Lines has taken extensive measures to establish systems, training, and processes that allow our passengers peace of mind that their experience will be flawless. In the rare event your trip does experience an interruption, we have distress plans in place that will keep you moving forward, including favorable relationships with a broad network of carriers that can assist nationwide. We have a little mantra at Windstar Lines: “If we can’t do it safely, we won’t do it at all.”

If you are concerned about our safety standards or have a few questions, contact us today!

Charter Bus Safety Staff Meeting