Friendly Drivers

A day hardly goes by that we don’t receive positive feedback about our drivers.  Time after time, our customers say they have memorable experiences with us not because of how much they liked the bus, but because of how much they enjoyed their driver(s).  Words that we see over and over to describe the service given by our drivers are “accommodating,” “friendly,” “safe,” “skilled,” “professional,” “caring,” “outstanding,” and a phrase we see often: “above and beyond.”

Our drivers are the true face of Windstar Lines, and we know that the driver can make… or break an entire experience.  Through our hiring process, we look for drivers who will not only possess excellent driving skills, but who will know how to provide superior customer service.  Our drivers must know far more than the technical aspects of safely driving a motorcoach; they must excel at relating to people, how to anticipate the needs of a group, and how to manage the multifaceted tasks of their position.

We like to think that when it comes to the team that commands our fleet, we’ve got one of the best around!  One of our favorite customer feedback forms had this response to the question “Would you recommend Windstar Lines to someone else?  Why?”:  “YES! I trust them.”  We think that statement speaks volumes.

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