Legoland Trips From Las Vegas

Everyone is familiar with Legos! Who wouldn't be interested in visiting the legendary Legoland Park in Carlsbad, California, located just over 300 miles from Las Vegas.Take a journey to Legoland in style, with all the comfort and amenities you need, by using one of our motorcoaches. Our fleet includes motorcoach and bus options for tourist groups and families of all sizes. Enjoy all the scenery and let one of our professional drivers take care of the traffic, parking and navigation.

Legoland is a fun, colorful and inspirational experience. The park includes live shows, family-friendly rides, workshops for constructing Legos, and entertaining attractions.

Legoland Parks were designed for families with children specifically within the ages of 2-12. They emphasize rides more suitable for younger children, when compared to larger theme or adventure parks.

What to do during your Legoland Park Trip

Legoland includes Lego Miniland, landmarks and scenes from around the world, as well as the following educational elements:

  • Water flow channels in which participants can construct dams
  • Interactive musical instruments
  • Lego mindstorms
  • Duplo Gardens for smaller children
  • Driving area
  • My town
  • Wild woods
  • Knights Kingdom
  • No matter what you choose to do once you get there, Windstar Lines will make sure you arrive comfortably. Contact us today for your free quote! Learn more about Legoland California on their website.